Health Benefits of Blackberry

The  blackberry is a fruit originating from Asia that has adapted in Europe and Brazil. It can have red, black and even white colorations.

The blackberry fruit has little acidity, is very sweet and very tasty. It can also be used for medicinal means. In addition, it can act as a natural astringent and can be used as a hormone replacement agent and relieve diarrhea. And believe me, blackberry leaf tea helps you lose weight! It can also be a great regulator of your bowel.

Scientifically known as Morus , blackberries can be both a backyard fruit and can be found in large forests, but they are mainly found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and South America.

Its tree, known as mulberry tree, is of medium size, reaching between 4 and 13 meters in height. Its fruits are small, fleshy and very sweet when ripe. Blackberries can also often fruit on bushes. They have ovated and maple leaves, and may have a slightly rough and serrated base or edges.

Its cultivation must be done in very fertile, deep and drainable soil. It has to be exposed to sunlight and its surroundings clean. They adapt better in tropical and subtropical climates. Blackberry bushes can reach up to 2 meters in height and their branches are often covered with thorns. It has very firm roots and contributes a lot to the development of the soil. Its flowers can be white or pinker.

In the mulberry tree, even its leaves can be used. They work as great allies for your intestines, fighting high cholesterol and being used for powerful teas.

Blackberries can be found in their small size, measuring about 4cm and with color ranging from red, black and white, depending on the species.

For many years they were also used for medicinal purposes. In addition to the main properties of blackberry, they can contain a considerable amount of anthocyanins, found in the outermost parts of the fruit.

Knowing that anthocyanins make excellent antioxidants, they help prevent heart disease, cell recovery and stroke.

Now that you know a little more about this delicious and beneficial fruit, let’s learn more about the benefits of blackberry!


Blackberry is considered a functional food because, in addition to the benefits and satisfying nutritional needs in our body, it also has physiological effects that favor our health!

Regarding the properties of blackberry, it is rich in vitamin C and an excellent ally in fighting infections, neutralizing bacterial toxins, as well as helping to improve the immune system.

The health benefits of blackberry are also diverse. It is necessary to know well about them so that all the properties of the fruit become very useful for various processes.

The blackberry fruit can help prevent inflammation, as well as having a good effect on reproductive and muscle functions. Another property of blackberry that we can mention is the presence of vitamin E, which makes it a great antioxidant, in addition to the large amount of fiber and potassium.

For many years they were also used for medicinal purposes. Blackberries can contain a considerable amount of anthocyanins, found in the outermost parts of the fruit. Knowing that anthocyanins serve as excellent antioxidants, they help prevent heart disease, help with cell recovery and prevent strokes.

Mulberry leaves can be used for treatments to cure and reduce high blood sugar levels and are therefore very welcome for diabetics.

The blackberry is powerful for the treatment of skin, hair and helps to lose weight. Want to know more? It also helps fight the effects of menopause!

In addition to being an amazing fruit, delicious and rich in vitamins, the daily consumption of these wonders can make your skin and hair much more beautiful and healthy.

The blackberry has nutrients that act on the body and improve the main symptoms of menopause, fighting mood swings, skin dryness, vaginal pain and hot flashes.

Fruit is also a source of very beneficial minerals for blood circulation, such as potassium and magnesium. It also helps prevent heart disease, stroke and stroke.

The health benefits of blackberry, as you can see, are many! It is also important to be aware of the importance of fruits, leaves and capsules.

The blackberry also provides an improvement in vision, in addition to protecting the retina against cataracts, as it contains its rich amount of carotenoids.

The source of calcium, blackberry fruit provides better bone regeneration and health. It also helps prevent osteoporosis, wear and tear and possible bone pain.

Being rich in iron, the blackberry fruit is essential for the functioning of blood circulation. Thus, the components act for the collaboration of brain functions, helping to stimulate memory and motor coordination.

Blackberries can also be recommended to strengthen the kidneys, calm the nerves, prevent colds and flu, and cleanse the blood and liver.

The continuous consumption of blackberries can naturally increase your appetite level, because of its properties, flavor and by improving the digestive system.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the incredible blackberry fruit promotes the right amount of body fluid, providing better immunity and hydration.

Learn about the types of blackberry and some different properties that some may have:


Blackberry : It is composed of black colored fruit. It comes from a shrub species with a creeping and erect size. Most popular and adored because of its sweet taste. Its scientific name is Morus Nigra .

Blackberry : It is the most common among blackberries, despite being less consumed than the blackberry. It has a reddish color and grows anywhere, in addition to being born spontaneously. Scientifically known as Morus Rubra .

Blackberry : It has a bittersweet taste. It has a white or more pinkish color. Although it is also food and medicinal, the white mulberry serves only as food for animals. It is known scientifically as Morus Alba .

Blackberry : Similar to blackberry in terms of flavor and acidity. Its color is quite green, even when ripe. To find out if it is ripe, just check if it has a lighter green, the size of the blackberry ripe (2 to 4cm) and feel it with your hands. It is rumored that its leaf has little more health benefits than the leaves of other blackberries and can be very nutritious. Its scientific name is Rubus Erythrocladus.

Blackberries can be consumed directly from nature or industrialized in the form of jams, jellies, wines, crystals, vinegar, jams, among others.

You must remove the tip of the branch that comes in it, handle with care not to crush it and then wash it well under running water. After that, just let it drain and consume.


The blackberry leaf can benefit you more than you think! It can be used to prepare a powerful tea, in addition to nourishing your hair very well and also being able to give a “little push” for those who want to lose weight naturally.

The Chinese, for many years, have used both blackberry and blackberry leaf to benefit from their properties.

In natural and traditional Chinese medicine, blackberry leaf is widely used for liver detoxification, curing coughs and colds, severe flu, stomach pain and preventing premature aging.

Blackberry leaf tea became popular after the discovery that the drink can contain many vitamins and minerals, important nutrients that bring us many benefits.

Blackberry leaf tea also has the same properties as the others, however, in addition to being used to treat some illnesses, flu, colds and provide better blood circulation, blackberry leaf tea may contain more nutrients than they strongly help in curing diarrhea and better bowel function.


Blackberry capsules are nothing less than food supplements and can be used to treat various symptoms of osteoposis and menopause.

Excellent antioxidants, they can also be used for weight loss for better nutrition and lower blood sugar.

Blackberry capsules are also able to fight bad cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and improve kidney and liver function.


As you can see, the health benefits of blackberry are many. But it is always good to analyze some considerations and contraindications.

Try as much as possible not to let the blackberries come into contact with clothes, cloths, among other types. They can stain and wash can often not work. Especially when being crushed.

Blackberry leaf is good for hair. Its nutrients help to nourish, leaving hair healthier and better looking. Massaging the scalp with the infusion of the leaves is recommended. Blackberry prevents hair loss.

At the time of purchase, the blackberry must be intact and with good color, without the presence of moisture. And don’t confuse blackberry with raspberry.

Blackberry is a fruit capable of staining and leaving marks on clothes that are difficult to remove. However, if this happens, you can try to sponge off, cool water, and scrub with glycerin. If it doesn’t work, you can do the same procedure with white vinegar and detergent. After that, wash it normally.

The blackberry fruit, being very fragile, must always be handled carefully to avoid knocks. It is also recommended to be well packaged.

In case of allergic reactions after consumption of blackberry, consult a doctor immediately.

Blackberry capsules – Contraindication : Blackberry capsules are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. It is also contraindicated for children under the age of three.

Blackberry Leaf Tea – Contraindication : The blackberry leaf tea can cause allergies, irritation and should be consumed in moderation and necessity. Always seek to consult your doctor and/or nutritionist.


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Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

Robert Asprin

Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

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