Health Benefits of Lemon Water

The water with lemon is consumed daily and can bring many health benefits, including the prevention of heart disease and the fight against premature aging.

Still in this perspective, the vitamin C present in lemon juice helps the individual to recover even more quickly from illness and injury. It is a key nutrient for maintaining bone and cartilage health.

It is worth mentioning that, although lemon is an acidic fruit, once ingested together with water, it alkalizes the blood. This is because both citric and ascorbic acid present in lemon are easily metabolized.


Here are some benefits of lemon water:

1. Facilitates digestion

When we drink water with lemon, the liver produces bile, which is essential in the digestion process. As lemon is rich in minerals and vitamins, it helps to expel toxins that build up in the digestive tract.

2. Contributes to the functioning of the urinary tract

Lemon water helps to eliminate toxins. Therefore, in addition to working as a diuretic, it also purifies the body.

3. Strengthens the immune system

Lemon is a source of vitamin C, so it is an essential nutrient for the immune system. In this sense, it is widely recommended for people who are suffering from the flu and respiratory problems.

4. Sanitizes the skin

As lemon is rich in antioxidants, the juice helps keep the skin fresh.

5. Provides power

Once the lemon comes into contact with the digestive system, a greater amount of energy is supplied to our body. It is worth adding that the fruit is often used in treatments to reduce anxiety.

6. Promotes intestinal health

Lemon water improves the intestinal tract. It helps to eliminate waste and harmful substances from the body. Additionally, this drink helps in the production of B vitamins.


Note the properties of the lemon below:

– Helps relieve symptoms of indigestion;

– Improves mood;

– Fights aging;

– Moisturizes the body;

– Improves mood;

– Helps to promote satiety; and

– Eliminates toxins.


Note the nutrients in lemon water below:

– Calcium;

– Copper;

– Iron;

– dietary fiber;

– Match;

– Lipids;

– Magnesium;

– Manganese;

– Proteins;

– C vitamin; is

– Zinc.

It should be added that lemon is an easy fruit to be found in Brazil. In addition, different types can be found, such as Tahiti lemon and Sicilian lemon, for example.


There are no secrets to preparing this recipe. Upon waking up, still fasting, boil the water and wait for it to be warm. Then squeeze half a lemon. Drink and wait twenty to thirty minutes for breakfast.

It’s worth mentioning that some people like to sweeten it with honey or sugar.

It is important that the water is warm for the drink to take effect. This is because water at this temperature enhances the effect of the mixture, in addition to accelerating the functioning of the intestine.


Based on studies carried out, there is no evidence that water with lemon is effective in the weight loss process. Although the drink is beneficial for health, it is not miraculous.

So far, it is known that water with lemon can promote a feeling of satiety and therefore, the individual takes longer to feel hungry. Consequently, he eats fewer meals throughout the day.

To lose weight effectively, you need a healthy diet associated with regular physical activity. Remember that a professional is the key to providing guidance.


Lemon water has several positive roles in an individual’s life. In view of the presence of vitamin C, lemon water has a great antioxidant potential. Additionally, it helps in the production of white blood cells and collagen formation.


Note below some curiosities about lemon water:

1. Water with lemon on an empty stomach is bad

Ingesting this mixture on an empty stomach does not hurt as long as the lemon is well diluted. The amount of water makes a difference, as the acidity of the lemon can damage the intestinal walls.

2. Water with lemon slims

So far, there is no evidence that lemon water is a slimming solution. This drink can promote a feeling of satiety in the individual and, therefore, appetite may decrease.

3. Ginger water with lemon slims

Ginger lemon water has antioxidant properties. It improves the digestive process and prevents the formation of gas.

4. Water with lemon leaves breath refreshing

This drink relieves toothaches and periodontitis. However, it is suggested that brushing should not be done right after the lemon water is ingested, as the acid can impact the tooth enamel.


It is important to mention that excessive lemon intake can be harmful to health, especially if the individual suffers from stomach problems. Also, consuming too much lemon can trigger an ulcer. Therefore, diets that include lemons should be analyzed very carefully, as amounts greater than four lemons a day can cause serious harm.

Still in this perspective, the consumption of water with lemon in excess can cause weakness and kidney problems due to the poor intake of minerals and vitamins.

In order to avoid health problems, lemon water should be associated with a balanced diet, monitoring by a doctor and regular physical activity.


Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach has several advantages. In addition to working as a detoxifier, toxins that remain in the intestinal wall are more easily eliminated.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this mixture is to leave the water warm, as it removes substances that are harmful to our body.

Note below some advantages of drinking lemon water on an empty stomach:

– Assists in the weight loss process;

– Strengthens the immune system;

– Balances the pH; and – Provides energy.

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Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

Robert Asprin

Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

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