Health Benefits of White Tea

The white tea is a type of tea that has antibacterial effects that can help the immune system fight infections.

In addition, white tea also has dental properties, as it helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth. White tea has a different flavor, light and smooth.


White tea has great prominence due to its antioxidant action. This is because of the catechins in it, which are crucial polyphenols and antioxidants. This substance helps prevent cancer and degenerative brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s, for example, and protects the liver.

There is an amino acid present in white tea, whose name is L-theanine. It acts on the brain and increases levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter related to the feeling of joy and well-being.

White tea has caffeine, however, the amount is not as significant as that found in green tea. As caffeine has a stimulant effect, sleepiness decreases and mood increases. Furthermore, tea acts in the slimming process, given its thermogenic action.

The tea also has tannins, which have a slightly lighter action. These polyphenols cannot be consumed intensively, as they suppress the absorption of essential nutrients to the body, such as iron, for example.

It is important to highlight that it is essential to associate tea intake with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.


Note the benefits of white tea below:

1. Prevents cancer

The antioxidant action present in white tea acts to prevent cancer. It is noteworthy that research carried out by scholars in the United States identified that drinking this drink prevents genetic changes that can trigger liver cancer, for example.

2. It has anti-inflammatory action

In white tea, there is a substance called catechin, which has the ability to slow down inflammatory processes. Accordingly, the drink is advisable for individuals suffering from inflammatory arthritis. It works to reduce the cartilage wear process, as well as the appearance of tumors.

3. Prevents brain diseases

White tea helps to reduce the appearance of degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, for example.

4. Controls cholesterol

Catechins have a strong antioxidant action, so they help to reduce bad cholesterol, called LDL.

5. Improves mood

As white tea has an amino acid called L-theanine, the feeling of well-being may appear right after drinking the tea. This amino acid promotes increased levels of dopamine and serotonin.

6. Protects eye health

In view of the antioxidant action of catechins, retinal oxidation is reduced, which prevents degenerative diseases that compromise vision.

7. Helps in the slimming process

The substance that makes the difference when it comes to weight loss is caffeine. This is due to the thermogenic effect it has, which increases energy expenditure with the increase in body temperature.

It is worth mentioning that white tea does not have high amounts of caffeine, like black tea, for example. Thus, alone, this drink does not have solid slimming properties.


Note the properties of white tea below:

  • Prevents the formation of caries and bacterial plaques;
  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory;
  • Helps cure colds;
  • Lower bad cholesterol;
  • Helps to prevent cardiovascular problems; and
  • Protects skin from ultraviolet B rays.


There are no secrets to preparing white tea. To do this, reserve three to four grams of the dry leaf for 300 ml of water. Heat the water until it comes to boil. Turn off the heat and place the leaves. Leave in the kettle for five to ten minutes. Strain and consume. There are people who enjoy this cold drink; others at room temperature.

If you cannot find the sheet in specialized stores, industrialized versions can be found in supermarkets.

It is worth adding that white tea can be combined with food or fruit. Note below:

-White tea with pineapple : Separate a cup of white tea at room temperature with a slice of pineapple. If you want, you can also add pineapple. It acts as a diuretic in our body and mint facilitates digestion. So together they can contribute to weight loss.

-White tea with ginger : Thermogenic foods contribute to weight loss. As is not the case with white tea, adding it to some food can help achieve the goals.

It is important to highlight that isolated foods are not effective for weight loss. There needs to be a change in eating habits, as well as the adoption of regular physical activities.


Drinking white tea slims down as long as no sweetener or sugar is added.

It is worth mentioning that researches have identified that white tea prevents the spread of fat cells and, at the same time, stimulates fat burning.


Although white tea does not contain significant amounts of caffeine, it is suggested that it be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women. The goal is to prevent it from affecting the placenta and breast milk.

People who are hypertensive, suffer from insomnia, have ulcers and have irregular heartbeats should consult their doctor before drinking white tea.

Still in this perspective, the exaggerated consumption of white tea can trigger an increase in blood pressure and gastric problems. The natural plant can cause tachycardia, seizures and headache. It can be very toxic to the nervous system.

To avoid adverse situations, it is recommended that two to three cups of white tea be ingested. More than that can cause harmful effects as well as trigger negative effects.


White tea can be found in capsule, ready-made tea, sachet and herb in bulk. Scholars claim that bulk herb is the most suggested option. Although the capsules are made from the plant extract, they must be prescribed by a doctor. With regard to industrialized versions, some brands may use a small amount of white tea and/or just use the aroma. With this, in addition to the money being invested in vain, it will have no effect.

White tea can be found in supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores in bulk. You can also find it in natural and imported products stores.


White tea helps people who want to optimize the weight loss process as it speeds up metabolism.

Still in this panorama, white tea acts in other aspects, given that it is effective in the treatment of arterial diseases, for example. Furthermore, it also serves to prevent premature aging. White tea has several nutrients, which, in turn, take care of various body functions.

White tea, as it is very versatile, can be combined with other plants. See below the recipe for white tea with hibiscus as an example:

To get a white tea with hibiscus, just put a cup of water on the fire. Before boiling, add the hibiscus and white tea leaves. Wait a minute. Then strain. If you want, add sugar. It can be served cold or hot.

Finally, we emphasize that the consumption of white tea has several benefits, but it is crucial that it is associated with changes in eating habits.

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Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

Robert Asprin

Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

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