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The Goji Berries (Goji berries) are small red fruit that originated in South Asia. They come from a plant known as Lycium Barbarum or Lycium Chinense and have several benefits if introduced into our everyday diet.

Goji Berry, before its worldwide popularity, was already very common in countries like Korea, Japan and Vietnam, widely used as an ingredient, spice and even for medicine. Since 2000, approximately, after adopting this name, the Goji Berry fruit, has proven to have many benefits for our health, as well as becoming common in the West, being indicated as a healthy and medicinal food.

As the fruit became popular in the market, even being called “superfruit,” there were rumors that a Chinese man named Li Qing Yuen consumed it daily. It has been claimed by some that man lived much longer than normal for a human being, also said that the goji fruit had anti-cancer properties.

Due to the various effects claimed by traditional medicine, there has been considerable research to investigate possible medicinal uses of the substances contained in the fruit. The composition of fruits, seeds, roots and other parts were analyzed in detail. However, if well preserved, the goji berry can be considered a really powerful fruit.

Goji berries are red berries grown in South Asia, in the mountains of Tibet. In Brazil, they are already dehydrated, sold mainly in natural food stores. This powerful fruit is even on the menus of many famous people who knew its energy power. Energy, slimming, rejuvenation, are just some of the most relevant factors about the benefits of the goji berry.

The goji fruit shrub can reach between 2 and 3 meters in length and half a meter in thickness, having thorny branches, long and slightly rough leaves. Its flowers can be violet or pink. The goji berry is a fleshy berry that is red in color, but it can also contain a more orange color.

Now that you know what a goji berry is, keep reading to learn all about the fruit and its many benefits, and then put it in your everyday diet!


The goji fruit contains nutrients that fight cell oxidation, thus preventing various diseases. Some of these nutrients are: Beta-carotene, Cryptoxanthin, Lycopene, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

The properties of the goji berry, the antioxidants, are the main benefits, as they are great allies of healthy living. Other nutrients in the fruit that play an important role in weight loss and metabolism are vitamins such as Thiamine B1, Riboflavin B2 and Pyridoxine B6.

This powerful citrus fruit is a source of amino acids, dietary fiber and protein. Plus, it gets a lot more vitamin C than an orange. However, given these benefits, it is also important to state that Goji can be a strong ally to weight loss, as long as you eat good diets and exercise, as it has fiber and blood glucose control. But also, because it contains a lot of Vitamin C, there can be body fat oxidation when exercising, whether of high or medium intensity. The goji berry is able to provide a lot of energy for physical exercise, helping to burn a lot more fat and, consequently, weight loss.

As if that wasn’t enough, goji berries still have nutrients that help you gain lean mass, namely:

Potassium : helps in the better functioning of the gland called the pituitary, which is responsible for the production of growth hormone.

Chromium : favors muscle recovery and entry of nutrients into cells.

Glutamine : synthesis of new proteins.

Arginine : release of growth hormone. The fruit is also able to improve libido, fight cellulite, improve vision and the immune system! Not bad, isn’t it? I think once you know the benefits of the Goji Berry fruit, you will want to know how to consume it, right? So let’s go!


The consumption of this “superfruit” may vary. You can consume Goji fruit normally, but it can also be in regular juice, detox juice, salads (Goji should preferably be sprinkled), teas and even as an appetizer.

To get the benefits of the Goji fruit, consuming about 30g a day would be enough. If you want to know how to take Goji berry, you can consume about 125ml of juice, so you have a good dosage and no calorie exaggerations. In addition to these modes, you can also add Goji berries to your snacks or even pre- and post-workouts, as we’ve seen that it gives you more energy and better muscle recovery.


There is no longer any shadow of doubt. Yes, Goji berry helps you lose weight! In addition to its benefits for weight loss, the fruit helps you to quench your craving for sweets! That’s right! If you are a person who likes a chocolate or something drizzled with sugar, has a lot of cravings and practically has no control, always take some Goji berries with you and simply chew them. The craving for sugar will pass quickly.

Another way is that you can add them to your diet without any problems, whether with cereals, granola, shakes and salads. It is delicious and works very well! A Goji berry dries belly! Researches show that, consuming about 125ml of fruit juice for two weeks, the result of a decrease in localized fat and waist circumference is already noticeable.

Remembering that, with its powerful Vitamin C, the Goji fruit helps to oxidize fats and dry out the belly! And not only does it improve the immune system as already mentioned, but it is believed that there may be results of a decrease in cellulite.


Goji berries can be found in health food stores, supermarkets, fairs, and even on the internet. Remembering that in Brazil you only find them already dehydrated. If you want to find the fruit that is still natural, you will have to look very deeply, as there is some difficulty in finding it.


Goji berries are found in natural form, directly from the plant, dehydrated in health food stores and also in capsule form. Goji berry capsules also offer several benefits for our health. Strong in good nutrients like zinc and iron, lots of vitamin C and rich in protein.

These capsules also help relieve anxiety and lower bad cholesterol. Besides, it can leave you with more energy and a good mood during the day. Goji berries in capsules can help balance hormone levels and speed up your metabolism, thanks to the vitamin C balance it provides in our bodies. But don’t stop there! They can also be used to treat pain, inflammation, burns and skin infections! Amazing, isn’t it?


If you wish to consume Goji berry capsule, it is recommended that you first consult a doctor. The recommendations indicate that you take a dose, which is between 400mg and 600mg. This amount is divided into two or three Goji berry capsules throughout the day.

The right thing to eat is always with some of your main meals. You can find Goji Capsules at pharmacies, health food stores or online. The main brands are already here: Doce Erva, Tao das Ervas and Biovea. The capsules are very rich in various vitamins and minerals, making them a very nutritious source of supplementation!


There is evidence in studies of some health benefits of the Goji fruit. Your supplements can present dangers for some people. As the Goji Berry capsule helps to thin the blood, this can increase the effects of strong anticoagulant drugs, which can cause uncontrolled bleeding.

It is good to note that some benefits are not as clear as the main ones already mentioned, even in traditional Chinese medicine. That’s why it’s important to consult a doctor for a better indication of the amount of Goji berry you can ingest. The effects of the benefits of Goji berry capsules depend on their antioxidant action. A pharmacological application is attributed, which explains its additional immunostimulant.

Studies also indicate Goji berry as an adjuvant in treatments for cancer and liver disease. Other research shows that the Goji fruit polysaccharides are able to induce the functional maturation of dendritic cells with a strong immunogenicity.

The use of Goji capsules or extracts is contraindicated for pregnant women and children, as studies have not yet proven any safety in these individuals. The consumption of Goji berry fruit in the daily diet provides excellent effects, perceived on the skin and body shape.

Fighting aging is possible thanks to its antioxidants, which stimulate cell renewal. However, the magnificent berries of the Lycium Barbarum plant also help in slimming consumers. The results can be seen in a few months, without extreme need for diets, as one of its main properties is the acceleration of the body’s metabolism. Remember that, despite the aforementioned benefits of Goji berry, it does not matter whether you want to include it in the diet, prepare juices, ingest the capsules or use it for healing, it is very important that you always seek medical prescription.


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Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

Robert Asprin

Robert Asprin, APD is a non-dieting Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviors to help improve health while nurturing relationships with food and body.

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